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Air Water Syringe Sleeves by MARK3 are made to cover the 3-way air/water syringe, HVE tips and saliva ejectors.



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Air Water Syringe Sleeves Clear 2.5×10″ 500/bx by: MARK3

The Mark3 Air Water Syringe Sleeves are transparent, disposable covers specially craft to fit over the nozzle of your dental air-water syringe. They are design to create a protective barrier that prevents cross-contamination during patient treatments.

Key Features:

  1. Optimal Size and Clarity: These sleeves are perfectly sized at 2.5×10 inches, providing a snug and secure fit over most air-water syringe nozzles. Their clear design ensures that your view of the syringe tip remains unobstructed, enabling precise and controlled procedures.
  2. Durable Material: Mark3’s sleeves are construct from high-quality, tear-resistant plastic. This ensures they can withstand the rigors of dental procedures without compromising on safety or hygiene.
  3. Easy Application: The sleeves feature an easy-to-use design with an open-ended construction. This allows for quick and hassle-free application, minimizing disruptions during patient treatment.
  4. Hygienic Protection: Maintaining a sterile environment is paramount in dental practices. These sleeves act as an effective barrier, preventing contact between the syringe nozzle and the patient’s mouth, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
  5. Bulk Packaging: Each box contains 500 sleeves, making them a cost-effective choice for busy dental practices. The bulk packaging ensures you always have a ready supply of sleeves on hand, streamlining your workflow.

infection control is non-negotiable, and the Mark3 Air Water provide a straightforward and reliable solution. They are designed to enhance patient safety by preventing the spread of potentially harmful microorganisms while maintaining the precision and clarity need for efficient dental procedures. Investing in these clear sleeves not only upholds the highest standards of cleanliness but also showcases your commitment to patient well-being. Whether you’re a small clinic or a bustling dental practice, the Mark3 Air Water Syringe Sleeves are an indispensable tool to keep your patients and your practice protect. Make the smart choice for hygiene and convenience by choosing Mark3.

Air Water Syringe Sleeves by MARK3 are made to cover the 3-way air/water syringe, HVE tips and saliva ejectors.


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