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The A-dec style, autoclavable, air and water syringe tips have three locking grooves that hold the tip in place when properly installed and prevent ejection of the tip during use. Stainless steel syringe tips are specifically designed for A-dec type syringes.


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Air Water Syringe Metal  by: MARK3

The Air Water Syringe Tips Metal 3-Way A-Dec Style 5/pk is a cutting-edge dental accessory meticulously crafted by Mark3 to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of dental procedures. This premium product is thoughtfully designed to provide a seamless combination of air and water delivery, ensuring precise control and optimal patient comfort during various treatments.

Benefits of the Air Water Syringe Tips

  1. Precision at Your Fingertips: With the Air Water Syringe Metal 3-Way A-Dec Style 5/pk, dental practitioners can achieve unparalleled precision. The triple-way design enables accurate cleaning, drying, and cooling in difficult-to-reach spots by regulating air and water delivery.
  2. Enhanced Patient Comfort: Patient comfort is paramount in dentistry. These syringe tips are designed to reduce discomfort during procedures and minimize stress for patients. Comfortable dental experience with gentle air and water flow.
  3. Time Efficiency: Time is of the essence in a busy dental practice. Use the Air Water Syringe Tips Metal 3-Way A-Dec Style 5/pk to quickly switch between air and water during procedures.. This efficiency boosts not only saves time but also enhances overall productivity.
  4. Hygienic Excellence: Mark3 prioritizes hygiene, and these syringe tips are no exception. Crafted from premium metal, they are easy to clean, disinfect, and sterilize, ensuring a safe and sanitary environment for both patients and practitioners.
  5. Universal Compatibility: The A-Dec style of the syringe tips ensures compatibility with a wide range of dental setups. Whether you’re using A-Dec equipment or similar systems, these tips seamlessly integrate into your practice, making them a perfect choice for dental professionals.

Air Water Syringe Tips Metal 3-way A-Dec Style 5/pk. – MARK3

A-dec syringe tips have 3 grooves to lock and prevent ejection. These stainless steel syringe tips are skillfully designed to accurately fit syringes of the A-dec type syringes.


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