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Alginate Dustless Fast Set 1.1-lb by MARK3 has a high algin content, a consistent mix for very smooth models, High tear strength for easy removal from undercuts without tearing, Non-Slump formula for patient comfort and faster setting and mix times providing convenience for both doctor and patient.

Contains: 1.1 Lb per bag


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Alginate Dustless Fast Set 1.1-Lb by: MARK3

The Alginate Dustless Fast Set 1.1-Lb – Mark3 is a cutting-edge dental impression material designed to streamline the process of creating precise molds of patients’ teeth and oral structures. Dental professionals rely on accurate impressions to fabricate crowns, bridges, dentures, and other custom dental appliances. With Mark3’s Alginate Dustless Fast Set, you can achieve these impressions swiftly, cleanly, and with utmost precision.

Key Features:

  1. Rapid Set Time: One of the standout features of this product is its rapid setting time. Within a mere 1-2 minutes, the alginate material transforms into a solid mold, allowing you to complete impressions efficiently. This quick setting is especially beneficial for patients who may find the traditional impression process uncomfortable.
  2. Dustless Formula: The “dustless” aspect of this alginate is a game-changer. Traditional alginates often generate fine dust particles during mixing, which can lead to contamination and discomfort for both the patient and practitioner. The Mark3 Alginate Dustless Fast Set minimizes dust production, ensuring a cleaner and more pleasant experience for everyone involved.
  3. Exceptional Detail Reproduction: Dental precision is paramount, and the Alginate Dustless Fast Set excels in this regard. It captures intricate details of the oral cavity, allowing you to create molds that serve as accurate blueprints for crafting custom dental restorations.
  4. High Tear Strength: Ensuring the durability of your sure impressions is crucial. Mark3’s Alginate Dustless Fast Set boasts high tear strength, reducing so the risk of tears or distortions in the mold during removal. This enhances the reliability and longevity of your impressions.
  5. Patient Comfort: Patient comfort surely is a top priority in dentistry. The Alginate Dustless so Fast Set’s smooth mixing process and quick set time contribute to a more comfortable experience for your patients. Its dustless formula also minimizes irritation and allergic reactions.

Alginate Dustless Fast Set 1.1-lb- MARK3

  • Faster mixing time, saves time.
  • Faster setting time, decreases chances of gag reflex.
  • Better tear and compression strength resulting in less tearing or deformation
  • Dust Free
  • More material, 500 grams compare to 450 grams
  • 9 days dimensional stability.

Tearing or deformation of alginate impressions can result in inaccuracy of gypsum casts that form the initial base for prosthetic appliances. Strength and elasticity of alginate impression materials are important characteristics determining the performance of these products.


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