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Barrier Film Roll Blue and Clear by MARK3 is used as a surface barrier for infection control. For fluid-proof areas that are difficult or impossible to clean, disinfect or sterilize. Special adhesive coating on each sheet.

Contains: 4” x 6” in size. 1200 sheets per box.



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Barrier Film 4×6 1200/roll by: MARK3

The Barrier Film 4×6 1200/roll – Mark3 is a cutting-edge infection control tool designed to provide a protective barrier between patients and surfaces, ensuring a hygienic and safe environment in healthcare settings, dental offices, tattoo parlors, and beyond. Mark3, a trusted name in the medical industry, has engineered this barrier film with precision to meet the stringent demands of professionals in the field. Here are five key features that make this product indispensable in any infection control regimen:

  1. Effective Infection Control: Mark3 Barrier Film acts as a formidable shield against cross-contamination. It creates an impenetrable barrier between patients and surfaces, effectively preventing the transmission of germs, bacteria, and viruses. This is especially crucial in today’s health-conscious world.
  2. Generous Roll Size: With 1200 perforated sheets per roll, the Barrier 4×6 ensures longevity and cost-efficiency. This roll size allows for quick and easy application, minimizing downtime in busy clinical settings.
  3. Easy Application: Each sheet of barrier is conveniently sized at 4×6 inches and features a user-friendly adhesive backing. Simply peel off the sheet and apply it to the desired surface, whether it’s dental equipment, tattoo chairs, or tray tables. The adhesive leaves no residue, making removal a breeze.
  4. Exceptional Durability: Mark3 has engineered this barrier with high-quality materials that are resistant to tears, punctures, and moisture. This ensures that the protective barrier remains intact throughout procedures, maintaining a clean and sterile environment.
  5. Vibrant Blue Color: The Barrier’s bright blue color not only adds a touch of visual appeal but also enhances visibility. This makes it easy to spot the barrier film on various surfaces, helping healthcare professionals and tattoo artists apply it precisely where needed.

Barrier Film 4×6 1200/roll – MARK3

  • Designed to act as a barrier for areas that are not easy to sterilize
  • Attaches quickly without much difficulty and does not cause sticky residue when removed
  • Edges are purposely made to be non-stick, making tape removal easier
  • Available in either colors of blue or Clear.
  • Extra Tacky Adhesive
  • No Residue
  • Disposable
  • Seconds to Apply
  • 1200 4 inches x 6 inches Perforated Sheets
  • Non Stick Edges


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