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Disposable Evacuation Traps eliminate one of the most hazardous and unpleasant tasks in the office – cleaning the waste in your current filter. Completely disposable, these filters not only save time but improve the performance of your suction system.

Contains – 144 Traps


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Disposable Evacuation Traps 144/pk by: MARK3

The Disposable Evacuation Traps 144/pk by Mark3 are a game-changer in the field of dental waste management. Designed with precision and convenience in mind, these traps are an essential addition to any dental practice seeking an efficient and hygienic solution for disposing of potentially hazardous materials.

Disposable Evacuation Traps are specially designed devices used in dental offices to effectively and safely capture and dispose of liquid and solid debris generated during dental procedures. These traps are crucial for maintaining a clean and healthy clinical environment, preventing cross-contamination, and complying with stringent infection control protocols.

Key Features:

  1. Hygienic Disposal: The Mark3 Disposable Evacuation Traps are single-use, ensuring a high level of hygiene with each patient. Once used, simply dispose of the trap, eliminating the risk of contamination and the need for messy clean-ups.
  2. Efficient Debris Capture: These traps boast a superior debris capture design. They efficiently trap particles, preventing clogs in your dental suction system, which can lead to costly repairs and downtime.
  3. Universal Compatibility: Mark3’s traps are designed to fit a wide range of dental units and suction systems, making them versatile and suitable for most dental practices.
  4. Transparent Construction: The traps feature transparent housing, allowing you to monitor the accumulation of debris. This transparency ensures timely replacement and maintains uninterrupted workflow during procedures.
  5. Bulk Packaging: The product comes in a convenient pack of 144, reducing the need for frequent reordering. This bulk packaging not only saves time but also offers cost savings to your practice.

Invest in the Disposable Evacuation Traps 144/pk – Mark3 and experience the benefits of a state-of-the-art waste management solution. Enhance workplace hygiene, reduce operational downtime, and contribute to a greener environment, all while maintaining compliance with stringent waste disposal regulations. Embrace innovation with the Mark3 evacuation traps and revolutionize the way you manage medical waste.

Disposable Evacuation Traps 144/pk – MARK3

  • Completely disposable,
  • these filters not only save time but improve the performance of your suction system
  • effectively reduces infection and cross-contamination


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1-1/4" 144/pk, 2-1/8" 144/pk, 1-7/8" 144/pk, 1.5" 144/pk, 2-3/4" 144/pk, Universal 6100 144/pk, Universal 6500 144/pk, Disposable Evacuation Filters Fits all Saliva Ejectors #5508 72/bx

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