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Disposable Micro Applicators from MARK3 are designed for precise placement of dental materials such as, bond, etch, cavity liners, hemostatic agents, sealants and disclosing solutions. The non-linting, non absorbent fibers suspend material without dripping, minimizing waste.

Contains 400 applicators in 4 tubes


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Disposable Micro Applicators 400/pk by: MARK3

The Disposable Micro Applicators are meticulously engineered tools that cater to a myriad of applications in fields such as healthcare, beauty, crafts, and more. Each pack contains 400 disposable applicators, each a powerhouse of precision, designed to simplify even the most intricate tasks.

Key Features:

1. Precision Redefined: With the Mark3 Disposable Micro Applicators, precision reaches new heights. Applicators ensure precise application of medication, cosmetics, adhesives, and during medical procedures for flawless execution.

2. Hygiene Elevated: Hygiene is non-negotiable, especially in healthcare and cosmetic applications. These applicators adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness. The disposable nature of these applicators eliminates the risk of cross-contamination, ensuring every application is germ-free and safe.

3. Versatility Unleashed: From dental procedures and intricate model crafting to intricate electronic repairs, these applicators adapt seamlessly to various tasks. The range of usage possibilities makes them an indispensable asset, whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast.

4. Impeccable Integrity: The Mark3 Disposable Micro is engineered with non-linting tips, preventing any stray fibers from marring your applications. This meticulous attention to detail maintains the integrity of your work, leaving behind spotless results.

5. Ergonomic Excellence: Comfort is paramount, especially during tasks that demand precision and patience. The ergonomic handle design of these applicators ensures a comfortable grip and optimal control. This feature translates to fatigue-free usage, even during prolonged application sessions.

Disposable Micro Applicators 400/pk – MARK3

MARK3’s Disposable Micro Applicators are for the precise placement of dental materials including bond, etch, cavity liners, hemostatic agents, sealants, and disclosing solutions. The non-linting, non absorbent fibers suspend material without dripping, minimizing waste.

  • Microbrush Applicators bend easily for accurate placement of solution in hard to reach areas.
  • Non-linting
  • non-absorbent fiber tips hold solution in suspension until applied.
  • The applicator comes in a convenient plastic tube for easy dispensing.


You can find the MARK3 catalogue by clicking here: MARK3 Catalogue 


Fine Assorted Colors (Yellow, Pink), Regular Assorted Colors (Blue,Green,Orange,Purple), Super Fine White

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