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Endo Pulp Vitality Refrigerant Spray by MARK3 is a premium product for easy and accurate pulp vitality testing.

Contains: (1) 6 oz Spray and (1) dispensing tube


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Endo Pulp Vitality Refrigerant Spray 6oz. Bottle – Mark3 by: MARK3

The Endo Pulp Vitality Refrigerant Spray 6oz. Bottle – Mark3 is a cutting-edge dental product designed to enhance the precision and comfort of endodontic procedures. Endodontics, the branch of dentistry focusing on the treatment of dental pulp and tissues surrounding the roots of teeth, demands specialized tools to ensure successful outcomes. This refrigerant spray, specifically formulated by Mark3, offers an array of indispensable features that make it an essential addition to any dental practice.

Key Features:

  1. Rapid Pulp Testing: The Endo Pulp Vitality Refrigerant Spray excels in rapidly assessing pulp vitality, a crucial aspect of endodontic diagnosis. Its precision nozzle allows for targeted application, reducing patient discomfort while yielding accurate results.
  2. Instant Nerve Stimulation: Featuring a balanced formula, this refrigerant spray provides a controlled nerve stimulation experience. Dental practitioners can assess pulp sensitivity with speed and reliability, aiding in identifying potential issues swiftly.
  3. Efficient Temperature Control: The refrigerant properties of this spray enable controlled temperature modulation, optimizing patient comfort during procedures. The rapid cooling effect not only helps in pulp testing but also enhances the overall patient experience.
  4. Non-Irritating Formula: The Mark3 Endo Pulp Vitality Refrigerant Spray boasts a non-irritating formulation, ensuring patient safety and minimizing any adverse reactions. Its gentle yet effective nature makes it suitable for a diverse range of patients.
  5. User-Friendly Design: The 6oz. Bottle comes with an ergonomic design that facilitates easy handling and application. The compact size allows for convenient storage in dental setups, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Endo Pulp Vitality Refrigerant Spray by MARK3 is perfect for accurately diagnosing tooth condition so that you can provide optimal treatment and get amazing results. Easy application using micro applicators or cotton rolls makes pulp vitality testing convenient and precise.

Features and Benefits of Endo Pulp Vitality Refrigerant Spray – MARK3

  • Fast and easy method to check cold sensitivity
  • Much colder when compared to ice or ethyl chloride, meaning a better evaluation
  • Simple application using cotton rolls or micro applicators.
  • Directional nozzle for added precision
  • Peppermint scent


  1. Product Name: Endo Pulp Vitality Refrigerant Spray 6oz. Bottle – MARK3
  2. Manufacturer: MARK3 Dental Products
  3. Category: Endodontic Supplies
  4. Product Type: Pulp Vitality Tester
  5. Package Contents: (1) 6 oz Spray and (1) dispensing tube


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