Nogama® amalgam alloy 50/pk by Silmet is a premium amalgam restorative that provides a firm pack and smooth carving. Nogama® is an admix of spherical, copper-silver eutectic particles and lathe–cut conventional alloy.

Contains: 50 caps/Jar


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Nogama Amalgam Alloy 50/pk – Silmet

Nogama Amalgam Alloy 50/pk – Silmet is an admix of spherical, copper-silver eutectic particles and lathe cut conventional alloy. This product provides superior physical properties and is remarkably corrosion resistant. Innovative SecureCap capsules are ultrasonically welded to prevent mercury leakage during storage. Nogama alloy comes in jars of 50, and 500 capsules (1,2 &3 spill).

Features and Benefits

  • Outstanding durability
  • Increased strength of restored teeth
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Absolute marginal adaptability
  • No loose mercury offers safe & hygienic use
  • Stress-free to dispense and mix
  • Environmentally friendly formulation produces less waste material
  • Cost-effective solution for restorations


  • Product Name: Nogoma Amalgam Alloy
  • Manufacturer: Silmet
  • Category: Amalgam
  • Composition: Ag 69.5%, Cu 10.5%, Sn 19.5%, Zn 0.5%
  • Average Compressive Strength: (1hr) 164 MPa
  • Average compressive Atrength: (24hr) 470 MPa
  • Average Creep: (7 days) 0.35%
  • Average Dimensional Change: +0.08%
  • Particle Shape: 80% Lathe-cut, 20% Spherical
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