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Sodium Hypochlorite Solution from MARK3 is the most commonly used solution in root canal treatments. Used as an irrigation solution, for debridement, and as a canal disinfectant during and after instrumentation with its highly effective antimicrobial properties. Premium formulation that effectively keeps canals clean and clear to provide maximum value to all offices.


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Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 6% 17oz. Bottle by: MARK3

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 6% is a powerful disinfectant and sanitizer commonly known as bleach. It’s a chemical compound consisting of sodium, oxygen, and chlorine, and it’s widely recognized for its ability to kill a broad spectrum of harmful microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This solution has been carefully formulated to deliver maximum disinfection power at a concentration of 6%, making it highly effective for various applications.

Key Features of Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 6% :

  1. High Disinfection Efficiency: With a 6% concentration of Solution, this solution ensures potent disinfection, giving you peace of mind that you’re effectively eliminating harmful pathogens from surfaces.
  2. Convenient Packaging: The 17-ounce bottle is designed for easy handling and storage. Its compact size allows you to keep it within arm’s reach for quick access whenever you need it.
  3. Versatile Usage: This solution is suitable for a wide range of applications. Use it to sanitize kitchen surfaces, disinfect bathroom areas, clean and whiten laundry, and even for water treatment purposes.
  4. Safety Seal Cap: The Mark3 bottle comes equipped with a secure safety seal cap to prevent accidental spills or leaks. This ensures safe handling and storage, especially in households with children or pets.
  5. Clear Labeling: The bottle is clearly labelled with essential information, including the concentration of sodium hypochlorite and safety instructions. This makes it user-friendly for both professionals and homeowners alike.

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 6% 17oz. Bottle – MARK3

This high quality solution can be used to irrigate the canals for debridement and provide excellent canal disinfection during and after instrumentation. MARK3 Sodium Hypochlorite Solution keeps the canals clear and open, preventing buildup of debris within the walls. Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 6% 17oz. Bottle – MARK3 also keeps the root canals irrigated, preventing them from drying out. This product has excellent disinfection, and works as a bleaching agent with great antimicrobial properties.

Features and Benefits

  • Smooth and clear root canals
  • Excellent disinfection
  • Keeps the canals irrigated
  • It comes as a clear or slightly yellow liquid.
  • It is a strong base


  • Product Name: Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 6% 17oz. Bottle – MARK3
  • Manufacturer: MARK3 Dental Products
  • Category: Endodontic Supplies
  • Composition: 6% Sodium Hypochlorite solution
  • Packaging: 17oz Bottle


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