T Style Light Cover Handle Sleeves by MARK3, for “T” style light handles, allows the user to quickly slip the plastic sleeve over the handle.

Contains: 500 per box


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T-Style Light Handle Sleeves 4″ X 5-3/4″ 500/bx by: MARK3

Mark3 T-Style Light Handle Sleeves are disposable protective covers specially crafted to fit over the handles of dental examination lights. These sleeves act as a barrier between the light handle and potential contaminants, preventing cross-contamination between patients and maintaining a sterile environment in your dental clinic.

Five Key Features:

  1. Premium Quality Material: Crafted from high-quality, clear plastic, these sleeves offer durability and transparency. The clarity ensures that the light’s brightness remains unaltered, allowing for optimal visibility during procedures.
  2. Universal Fit: Designed to fit a wide range of T-style light handles, these sleeves are versatile and compatible with most dental examination lights, making them suitable for various dental settings.
  3. Excellent Infection Control: The Mark3 T-Style Light Handle Sleeves provide a reliable barrier that effectively prevents the transfer of pathogens and contaminants from the handle to the clinician’s gloves or other surfaces. This is crucial for maintaining stringent infection control standards.
  4. Convenient Dispensing: The packaging of 500 sleeves per box ensures a long-lasting supply that will serve your practice efficiently. Additionally, the sleeves are easy to dispense, minimizing disruption during procedures.
  5. Time and Cost-Efficient: Using disposable sleeves eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly cleaning and sterilization of light handles between patients. This enhances workflow efficiency, allowing you to focus on providing top-notch dental care.

Mark3 T-Style Light Handle Sleeves are an essential tool for any dental practice committed to infection control and patient safety. Their quality materials, universal fit, infection control benefits, convenient packaging, and cost-efficiency make them a smart choice. With these sleeves, you can ensure a clean and hygienic environment for every patient while streamlining your daily dental procedures.

T Style Light Handle Sleeves

  • T Style Light Handle Sleeves by MARK3 have a  patented design keeps the sleeve from falling off while in use, yet it is easily removed when finished.
  • By using our T Style Light Handle Sleeves by MARK3, all professionals can safely contribute to infection control and creating a clean environment for patients.


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