Tray Sleeves Plastic Ritter B by MARK3 offers optimal protection, keeping your instruments clean from infection. These plastic sleeves cover the entire surface of the tray which increase both sanitation and professional appearance.

Size: 10 1/2 x 14

Contains: 500 Sleeves per box


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Tray Sleeves Plastic Ritter B 10.5×14″ 500/bx by: MARK3

The Tray Sleeves Plastic Ritter B 10.5×14 – Mark3 are protective covers specially crafted to fit over dental instrument trays. They serve as a barrier between your equipment and contaminants, ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your instruments during procedures.

Five Key Features:

  1. Premium Quality: Crafted from durable and transparent plastic, these sleeves provide excellent visibility of instruments while safeguarding them from external elements. They are resistant to tearing and punctures, ensuring the longevity of your trays.
  2. Hygiene Assurance: Maintaining a sterile environment is paramount in dentistry. These sleeves create a barrier that helps prevent cross-contamination between patients, reducing the risk of infection and ensuring patient safety.
  3. Effortless Application: The sleeves are designed for easy application. Simply slide them over your dental trays, and they conform snugly to the contours, ensuring a secure fit. This saves valuable time in the sterilization process.
  4. Convenient Mark3 Indicator: The Mark3 indicator is a notable feature of these sleeves. It allows you to easily identify that the tray is ready for use, enhancing workflow efficiency in your dental practice.
  5. Bulk Packaging: Each box contains 500 sleeves, making it a cost-effective choice for busy dental clinics. This generous quantity ensures that you won’t run out of sleeves during critical procedures, allowing you to focus on providing quality patient care.

The Tray Sleeves Plastic Ritter B 10.5×14 – Mark3 are an indispensable tool for maintaining a sterile and organized dental workspace. With their premium quality, hygiene assurance, easy application, convenient Mark3 indicator, and bulk packaging, these sleeves are an investment in the efficiency and safety of your dental practice.

Tray Sleeves Plastic Ritter B

  • Keeping your instruments clean from infection is important for maintaining a sterile working environment.
  • The Tray Sleeves 10 1/2 x 14, cover your entire tray and have a fold lock to keep in place.


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