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VPS 380 Impression Material by MARK3 prioritizes quality and consistency, providing immaculate results. This impression material can be used in any dynamic mixing machine, and features a delivery system with cartridges and mixing tips that’s designed for easy extrusion, and a consistent mix every time.

Contains: (2) 380ml cartridges


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Vps 380 Impression Material by: MARK3

VPS 380 Impression Material is a cutting-edge dental product by Mark3, a renowned name in the dental industry. It is a vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) impression material, a staple in the field of dentistry known for its accuracy, consistency, and ease of use. This particular formulation, the VPS 380, takes these qualities to the next level, making it an indispensable tool for dentists and dental technicians.

Key Features:

  1. Exceptional Accuracy: VPS 380 is engineered to capture the finest details with impeccable precision. Its high tear strength and dimensional stability ensure that even the most intricate impressions are faithfully reproduced, enabling the creation of crowns, bridges, and other restorations that fit perfectly.
  2. Easy Handling: This impression material is a pleasure to work with. Its smooth consistency and excellent flow characteristics make it simple to load trays and take impressions. Dental professionals will appreciate the ease with which they can achieve consistent, bubble-free molds.
  3. Rapid Set Time: Time is of the essence in a busy dental practice. VPS 380 boasts a quick setting time, allowing for efficient workflows. Dentists can confidently remove the impression in just a few minutes, minimizing patient discomfort and chair time.
  4. Hydrophilic Properties: VPS 380’s hydrophilic nature ensures outstanding wetting, meaning it captures moisture-rich oral environments with ease. This feature enhances the accuracy of impressions, even in challenging conditions.
  5. Patient Comfort: VPS 380 Impression Material is formulated with patient comfort in mind. Its pleasant taste and odor-free composition help reduce patient anxiety during the impression process, resulting in a more positive dental experience.

VPS 380 Impression Material 

MARK3 VPS 380 delivers quality but also serves as a cost effective solution for any dental practice. Remarkable dimensional stability results in precise impresssions with minimal risk of distortions. MARK3 VPS 380 offers easy handling characteristics and a non-irritant formula. Regular set and Fast set working times provide more flexability for impressions.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced delivery system.
  • Quality yet cost-effective
  • For use in any dynamic mixing machines
  • Odorless and non-irritant
  • Pleasant mint flavor


  • Trade Name: VPS 380 Impression Material
  • Manufacturer: MARK3 Dental Products
  • Category: Vinyl Polysiloxane (VPS) Impression Material
  • Physical State: Viscous Fluid
  • Color/Flavor: Mint flavor
  • Packaging: (2) 380 ml cartridges
  • Regular Set – Working Time: 2:30 Minutes
  • Intra Oral Setting time: 1 minute
  • Fast Set – Working Time: 1 Minute
  • Intra Oral Setting time: 1 minute


You can find the MARK3 catalog by clicking here: MARK3 Catalogue 

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VPS 380 Impression Material

Monophase Regular Set, Heavy Body Regular Set, Heavy Body Fast Set

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